Burlington Camden Alumni Chapter

The Strong Arm Chapter

Brothers, you may pay your dues via PayPal by clicking on the above Donate button.   Or if you have a PayPal account simply send money to kappasofburlcam@gmail.com.  Please pay according to the dues and fee structure  outlined by the Keeper of Exchequer.


  • General Member-$258
  • Senior Kappa or Province Life-$232
  • Senior Kappa and Province Life-$209

Andre Schwartz
Benjamin Jackson, Jr.

Brejhan Zaire Doss
C Ronald Attaway
Cameron Price
Chad King

Charles Jones
Curtis H. Johnson

​Dereck C. Scott

Donald Moore
Edward Harvard

Emmette E. Primas, Jr.

Eric Holmes
Erik J. Burrell

Ernest Deionne Thrbak

Ernest Lee Grice

Gregory Taylor

Gregory Wilson
Herbert Scott

Irving Randolph
James Swinton
James T. Foggie

Jardaine Brown

John Hardy

​Joseph Boamah Frimpong

​Keith Horne

Kenneth Miller Sr
Kevin Johnson

Kris Smith
Larry Chenault

Larry McSeed
Lincoln Wilks

Lloyd Henderson
Mark Brooks

Mark Whittaker

​Melik Brown

Michael K Wright
Nate Ford
Reggie White

Richard Horton lll
Richard W. King, Jr.
Richard Williams

Ronald C. Thomas
Ronald Johnson

Roy Dawson*

Ryan North
Sean Brown

T Gregory Payton

Tilghman Moore

Terry R Williams Sr.
Vernon Moses

Vincent Cream

Wayne Parker
William Cream
Willie Maddox, Jr.

William M Wright
Yusef Joyner

Chapter Life Brothers*


Polemarch - Brother Richard Horton  Emailrichhorton3@yahoo.com

Vice Polemarch - Brother Larry McSeed  Email: lmcseed@hotmail.com

2nd Vice Polemarch - Brother Eric Holmes

Keeper of Exchequer - Brother Ben Jackson

Asst. Keeper of Exchequer - Brother Lincoln Wilks

Keeper of Records - Brother William M Wright

Asst. Keeper of Records- Brother Keith Horne

Nominating Chair - Brother Richard King

Strategus - Brother Jardaine Brown

Lt. Strategus - Brother Erik Burrell

Board Members

 Brother Nate Ford, Brother Will Maddox, Brother Herb Scott, Brother James Foggie


Financial Members

Yes, membership has its privileges