One of the signature events of the KCDC is the annual African American Women Achievers Awards.  If you'd like to donate to this event or to purchase tickets you may click on the above donate button.

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Brother Erik Burrell, President

Burlington Camden Alumni Chapter The Strong Arm Chapter

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Kappa Community Development Corp

KCDC - 501(c)


To develop and initiate programs to assist the youth in our society in three principal areas: leadership development, career awareness, and mentoring. With emphasis on self-motivation, discipline, responsibility, common sense, and self-respect. We hope to help young adults, particularly those considered at risk, to develop a positive self-concept, while achieving in academic and job training skills.

The KCDC seeks to strengthen our communities by assisting at-risk youth and disadvantaged families to become positive and contributing members of society thereby enhancing their dignity and quality of life and enabling them to reach their full potential.


Kappa Community Development Corp
70 Echo Hill Lane, Wllingboro, NJ 08046
Tel: 609-634-5551