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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Burlington  Camden  Alumni

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Vice Polemarch 

Eric Holmes


Larry McSeed

Leadership Team

Yes, We have social Action but Lots of Fun, too!

During the Spring of 1968, three Kappa men met for lunch at a restaurant in Burlington, New Jersey. During lunch, the men reminisced about their days at Morgan State University and the need for a local alumni chapter in the Burlington-Camden area. At that time, there were no alumni chapters south of Trenton.

All Kappas Brothers are welcomed to our chapter meetings!

The chapter meets on the second Friday of each month.  Click here for the location information.

Our signature outreach is our Guide Right program.   Guide Right provides mentoring to youth in [y]our communities.  Annually, Guide Right provides scholarships.  In addition, throughout the year, we are involved in many community outreach activities.


Youth Outreach

About Us

Reaching Out

‚ÄčWorking in your community to make a difference.

The Burlington-Camden Alumni Chapter is an organization of like-minded men who serve the community and provide an environment that promotes brotherhood while fostering leadership opportunities, spiritual growth and community awareness.