​The Burlington-Camden Alumni Chapter is an organization of like-minded men who serve the community and provide an environment that promotes brotherhood while fostering leadership opportunities, spiritual growth and community awareness.


Achievement in every field of human endeavor.

​During the Spring of 1968, three
Kappa men (Edward Thomas, Sr., George P. Dawson and William F. Duck) met for lunch at a restaurant in Burlington, New Jersey. During lunch, the men reminisced about their days at Morgan State University and the need for a local alumni chapter in the Burlington-Camden area. At that time, there were no alumni chapters south of Trenton.

After obtaining a list of brothers in the area, a picnic was organized to bring together all interested brothers and their families. The picnic was held in July 1968 at Cooper River Park and more than 20
Kappa men and their families were in attendance. Shortly following the picnic, a petition was requested and received from Kappa Alpha Psi national headquarters in Philadelphia. On Sunday, November 10, 1968, a meeting was held at Burlington County Community Action Program Headquarters, where the petition for a charter was signed, officers were elected and a name for the new chapter chosen.

​It should be noted that one of our illustrious founders of
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Dr. Byron K. Armstrong, was a charter member of the Burlington-Camden Alumni Chapter. Brother Duck had obtained his signature for the petition while attending the 55th Grand Chapter Meeting in Baltimore. At that time, Brother Armstrong resided in Camden, New Jersey, but due to illness, was confined to a wheelchair. 

​The Burlington-Camden (NJ) Alumni Chapter of
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. received its charter on Saturday, April 12, 1969. The charter was presented by Brother Lancelot Tynes 13th Northeastern Province Polemarch. A formal banquet was held at the Rickshaw Inn in Cherry Hill, New Jersey following the chartering ceremony. Over one hundred brothers and guests were in attendance, including Brother Byron K. Armstrong.

​The charter members were: Byron K. Armstrong; Rev. Charles C. Blake; Hon. Theodore Z. Davis; George P. Dawson; William F. Duck, PhD; C. Horace Gibson, III; C. Horace Gibson IV; Preston H. Gunning; William Hammer; Elbridge Holloway; Willie Irvin; Ralph Johnson; Joseph Keene; William Lewis; Walker B. Stricklin; Dr. Ernest C. Simmons; Nathaniel Scott; Edward T. Thomas, Sr.; Arnold W. Webster, PhD; and Dr. William Young.

Burlington Camden Alumni Chapter The Strong Arm Chapter

Polemarchs of Burlington Camden Alumni Chapter

  1. William F Duck, PH.D 1968-70
  2. *Walker B Stricklin 1970-72
  3. James E Williams 1972-73
  4. Justin F McNeill 1973-75
  5. Roy J Dawson, Ed.D 1975-76
  6. *Arnold W Webster, Ph.D 1976-79
  7. Clifton Matthew, Jr. 1979-81
  8. *Charles C Jones 1981-83
  9. *Hilliard T Moore 1983-85
  10. *Lorenzo McFadden 1985-87
  11. Clifton Matthew, Jr. 1987-89
  12. Tilghman L Moore Ed.D 1989-91
  13. Ronald C Thomas 1991-93
  14. Aubrey Kenney, Jr. 1993-95
  15. Herbert R Riley 1995-96
  16. *Earl A Morris 1996-98
  17. J. Rudolph Brockman 1998-2000
  18. Richard A Williams 2000-03
  19. Eddie L Davis, Jr. 2003-05
  20. Reginald F. White, Esq. 2005-08
  21. Mark A. Lewis 2008-11
  22. Lloyd Freeman , Esq. 2011-12
  23. Arthur A Davis 2012-14
  24. Chad King M. Ed. 2014-16
  25. Richard Horton III 2016-18
  26. Larry McSeed 2018- Present

​*Chapter Invisible

Founded: April 12, 1969

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