Guide Right is the signature outreach program for the chapter.

The Guide Right Mentoring Program empowers youth to establish and launch a progressive career and/or excel in post-secondary education, while cultivating strong leadership skills.

​As a result of vital relationships with suitable mentors, participants will develop positive social skills, increase self-worth, and make a healthy lifestyle their priority.

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Guide RightJardaine brown, director  & James Foggie,  Co-Director

Panhellenic - Brother Dr. Will Maddox

Brother Erik Burrell oversees the Kappa Community Development Corporation.   Click Here to learn more.

Ernest (EJ) is responsible for helping to train aspirants  in the ways of our Noble Klan.

BCA candidates; historically, are consistently some of the highest scoring in the Province.

MTA - Ernest Grice

Membership Training Academy

Reclamation - Brother Vincent Cream

Brother Kevin Johnson is responsible for the chapter's online presence.  He serves as the technology lead, vetting new applications and technologies.  With his keen expertise he keeps the chapter in the forefront.

The Technology Team is responsible for maintenance of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.

Technology- Brother Kevin Johnson

CHAPLAINReverend donald moore

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In addition to chapter meeting duties, Dr Moore is responsible for the spiritual guidance of the Polemarch, Board of Directors and chapter.

The Chapter has visited churches throughout Burlington, Camden counties and Philadelphia, PA.

Social Action- Keith Horne, Director

Senior Kappas - Brother Ron Thomas

Burlington Camden Alumni Chapter The Strong Arm Chapter

KCDC- Brother Erik Burrell

Social Action is involved with many activities throughout Burlington and Camden Counties.